|Movement 1|
01. Martyr
02. Kindred
03. Abandon
04. Wraith (Ancestral Mix)
05. Aleppo
06. Cyst
07. Sacrificial
08. Sicking Fish
09. Pure Hell

|Movement 2|
10. Brutal Fickle Dog
11. GBHM
12. Refugee
13. Kiev Brake Precinct

|Movement 3|
14. Used Therapy
15. Arterial Plaque 
16. Tethered
17. Nistin
18. Fuck Out
19. Maker

|Movement 4 - Finale|
20. Gorilla (Refugee Mix) 
21. Owensmouth

Featured on FADER, FACT, Tinymixtapes,


Eaves is a young, American producer with a long-time interest in architecture, the latter being an influence on the former. From his early days of fragmenting samples to make off-kilter "beats," an approach local to his Los Angeles upbringing, to a mode of up-tempo sonic onslaught, a style he adopted once moving to his current place of residence, Brooklyn, New York City - the relationship of sound and physical structure has been the one constant throughout the 20-year old's impressive range of work. With his latest project, GORILLA, there is a different type of architectural relationship from which he gains influence: our dependence on the Internet to maintain a stimulating coexistence. 

GORILLA's sonic make-up was built on mirroring our experience as a "detached audience." We are constantly consuming information, no matter how extreme - having the ability to shift from watching a bombing in Syria to a Japanese puppy video in the time it takes to click a button: from the horrific to the absurdly pleasant. The moods and musical sequences within GORILLA 's four Movements sweep in and out - each wallowing in its own chaos and invertebrate noise - quickly and often, to present that relationship of "two digitally-conceived emotional extremes." How do we choose to exist alongside as well as within this vast technological architecture (today's engagement with the Internet)? 

In composing GORILLA, Eaves found himself drawing from streaming online sources for inspiration and actual sound material. Melodies sprung from free Youtube-ripped EDM/trance sample packs - not physical and/or software synths. Drums molded up from LiveLeak broadcasts and the "dark side of Youtube" (i.e. cellphone-recorded tragedy and EDM festivals). With this specific technological origin, the intention was for everything to be put back into the digital stream, re-contextualized through the filter of GORILLA - the Internet as the true life force to this project's conception.